Care Philisophy

The Certified Nurse Midwives, physicians, nurses, and clerical staff of this Center is dedicated to providing each individual patient with the most up-to-date, yet personal, pregnancy, birth and women's care possible. Our Center has an 80 year history of delivering babies in a caring envirionment that is supportive of the expectant mother, while involving the rest of the family. We call this Family Centered care.

Birthing Center at the Women's Pavillion

We invite you to have your baby with us at the St. Mary's Birth & Midwifery Center. We offer prenatal classes, pregnancy care, delivery, and postpartum care. You can deliver in a home like setting with as little medication or intervention as you desire. Or if you prefer, you may have medication or an epidural administered by our anesthesia staff. If an emergency arises, full hospital services are readily available. Water labor is available. Mother, father, and baby can stay in the same room until time to go home. If the baby has a problem, an intensive care nursery is available with Neonatalogy staff in house 24/7.


This August 2018 we welcome new midwives to our practice. These  Certified Nurse Midwives come to us from the recent closure of the Baby & Co Birth Center in Knoxville. They are Laura Pohl CNM, and Adriana Matos Stiles CNM.  They join our other midwives, Blair Hicks Terrill CNM, Sarah Key Wiklund CNM, and Hannah Proctor CNM. For more info, see "About Us".